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Short Term Rentals

We sign multi-year fixed leases, mixed leases and revenue share structures

  • Totalee Properties becomes the sole tenant for your property 

  • We will take immaculate care of your property so that it stays in “for sale” condition with regular maintenance & cleanings

  • Security protocols will be put in place to ensure your property is safe and secure

  • You will have access to your property in between guest stays

  • This strategy eliminates tenant vacancies and ensures that you receive consistent & on-time monthly rent payments

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Corporate Housing

Our company aims to provide corporate housing solutions to traveling professionals and displaced families. We provide living quarters that are fully equipped with all the amenities needed to feel at home.

  • Totalee Properties becomes the sole tenant for your property

  • The space is designed by our in house interior designer to provide a comfortable and convenient living experience 

  • We work to provide customized solutions for our guests to meet their specific needs. Whether they are in need of short term or mid term housing, we create a tailored plan to meet the desired budget and schedule

  • We provide exceptional service to ensure guests have a smooth and stress-free experience


Interior Design

We offer full-service staging and interior design for our clients. We stage all types of homes, apartments, condos, estates as well as short term and mid-term rental properties. We also stage for hotels, events and showrooms. Let Totalee Properties transform your property into a desirable space.

  • Occupied Home Staging

  • Vacant Home Staging

  • Interior design

Contact us to learn more about our services!

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